Clarity in Education

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Upload Documents

Users have the ability to upload documents such as PDF or Word Documents for document conversion. EduClear will automatically extract the plain text from the file and allow for the user to style the text to their preferences.

Audio Enabled

EduClear is great for studying because it is audio enabled. All text can be read back to the user in over 80 languages. The user is able to manage the speed, volume, and pitch of the audio.

Image Recognition

In addition to document conversion, EduClear uses Optical Character Recognition to scan text from images. Simply take a picture of a page of your textbook and EduClear will extract the text from it as well.

Aesthetic Control

The user has full control over how the text appears. Users can change the font size, style, and color with ease. In addition, users also have control over the background color, and can use this to make more readable text.

Language Translation

EduClear will translate to & from over 75 languages. This allows every student to succeed, regardless of native tongue or struggles with foreign languages.

Teacher Controls

Teachers using EduClear are able to control their class. They can create multiple classes and distribute content to their students in real time, from any distance. This allows teachers to distribute documents weeks in advance, so the students stay on a fast schedule.

Print & Go

If the user does not have constant access to EduClear, simply print out the text using any printer. EduClear will style the printed text to your settings, allowing you to have text you are able to read on-hand in the classroom.

Powerful Dictionary

EduClear's dictionary allows the user to define any word with the click of a button and have the definition read back to them.

iPhone & iPad App

EduClear is mobile. Simply download the native iOS app and keep up with all your documents.


The Problem

Reading challenges are becoming increasingly prevalent. These challenges often stem from underlying conditions, such as Dyslexia, Vision Problems, and even ADHD. In an education world that typically deals with the static, mundane text found within textbooks, a solution is hard to come by. Textbooks are comprised of white backgrounds, with black text, in a single font. This serves the majority, but fails to enable the minority. Additionally, we found that readers who may not fully understand a word will usually just skip over it. This halts the learning process and does not allow for everyone to learn at their own pace.

The Research

After researching ways to combat the challenges we discovered, we found that contrast was a large factor in reading success. The single option of black-on-white does not best serve those with challenges. Additionally, textbooks often have distracting images and charts that draw concentration away from text. The third component we found was the type of fonts used. Fonts that do not distinguish letter properly or are symmetrical in nature can play tricks on even the most skilled reader's eyes. It is imperatve to use fonts that are legible to every reader. This left the issue of how to prevent students from skipping over words they may not understand, and after development, we are happy to say that we have solved this puzzle too.

The Solution

Taking the extensive research in to account, we arrived at our solution. We needed to be able to scan a page, convert it to text on a screen, and allow extensive options for the reader to utilize.

We implemented Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which uses algorithms to scan the document, and return, with accuracy, the content of the document. This means that a user can take a picture on their phone, and instantly have the text from the image they captured. In continuity, we apply the same logic to PDF files, which allows you to scan in large documents and have it instantly converted to text.

That text is then posted into a dynamic and editable text field that allows you full control over the appearance of the text to best suit the reader.

In addition to the visual options, a reader also has the ability to have the text read back to them using Text-To-Speech Technology which allows higher comprehension for unfamiliar words or on-the-go learning. You can listen to the text in your car, from your phone, or from any device running EduClear. Our technology allows you to listen to the text in over 50 dialects to provide localization to foreign readers.

We still needed a way to combat the unfamiliar word issue to prevent readers from skipping over words they might not see often, which led us to our next technological advancement. We implemented our On-Screen Dictionary , so a reader simply enters the word, and a full dicitionary definition is available instantly.

To learn about the features, read our Features section.

EduClear is a robust software solution for students who may have issues reading static text found in textbooks and documents. EduClear allows you to scan images and documents, creating text that can be manipulated to fit your needs. Once we have scanned the text from the document, you are able to change the font, font size, font color, and background color. Additionally, you may have the text read to you in over 65 dialects, which allows you to have the freedom you need.
Simply put, we named the company "EduClear" because it represents our vision to provide clarity in education.
Our initial strategy for EduClear was to identify reading disabilities, such as Dyslexia, and research ways to combat them using state-of-the-art technology. We evolved in to providing a reading experience for anyone who would like to have visibility options when they are reading.

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